Fire Survey Systems – Award Winning

Terry, the head honcho at Fire Survey System, has a team of 12 engineers who carry out fire door installation and yearly maintenance checks. He came to us wanting to jazz up their fire system testing gig. They were all about ditching the old ways and hopping onto the digital train. They needed a slick solution to make their survey process a breeze. But that’s not all – they also wanted to jazz up their online game with a kick-ass website and some ninja-level digital marketing. Click here for more info.

The main issue was time, Terry was spending up to 2 days per week going over all the forms his engineers were sending into the office, and he needed back his time.

We had a heart-to-heart with Terry to really get what he needed. Once we had the lowdown, we hit the ground running. First, we whipped up a website that’s like a chameleon – it looks great on whatever device you’re using. And we didn’t stop there. We put on our SEO wizard hats and worked our magic to climb up Google’s ladder. But hey, we weren’t in a rush. Slow and steady was our game – making sure we stayed in Google’s good books.  But within a few months, we got Terry to position 1 on Google.

We also looked at a mobile app and what we developed was a process that allowed the engineers to carry out the surveys on their tablets, but by doing this, Terry got a system that produced the same form, in the right format, All he does now is click download.  We took Terry from 2 days a week to 1 hour a week.

And guess what? Terry was over the moon with the whole shebang. The website and app were like Batman and Robin for their business. The app didn’t just make surveys a cakewalk; it saved them time and money, letting them go all out in serving their clients like never before.

Terry couldn’t stop raving about it. He was grinning from ear to ear, not just because we got his website to the front page of Google, but because now Terry can grow his workforce, but it will not take up his valuable time with paperwork. And that’s a wrap – a project that rocked Terry’s world and gave Fire Survey System a turbo boost into the digital era.