EZE Shoring – Trench Safety Mobile App

The EZE Shoring Composite Trench Lining System stands as a pioneering achievement in the realm of trench infrastructure, representing the world’s inaugural non-metallic trench lining solution. Crafted by Exel Composites UK, this advanced composite system, conceived and developed by Glenn Wood of EZE Shoring, consists of a streamlined set of five distinct components.

Addressing a challenge prevalent in the construction industry, the unfamiliarity of construction companies with the novel EZE Shoring system posed a hindrance to its widespread adoption. To overcome this hurdle, we implemented a comprehensive solution:

  1. Customized App Development: We engineered a user-friendly application that empowers on-site personnel to input the trench’s width, height, and length. The app, in turn, seamlessly calculates the requisite components, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the assembly process.
  2. Comprehensive Drawings: Our app provides a singular, intuitive interface presenting all permutations of drawings necessary for the assembly of EZE Shoring components. This includes both metric and imperial representations, catering to diverse global markets, notably the United States.
  3. Effortless Installation Guide: A one-click installation guide has been integrated into the app, streamlining the installation process and minimizing complexities associated with the deployment of the EZE Shoring system.
  4. Checklists for Precision: In addition to the installation guide, the app incorporates checklists, ensuring that each step of the process is meticulously followed, promoting precision and adherence to safety standards.

This innovative solution has facilitated Glenn Wood’s ability to articulate the functionality of EZE Shoring to major construction entities across the globe. By offering a technologically advanced and user-friendly platform, we have empowered construction professionals to seamlessly integrate the EZE Shoring Composite Trench Lining System into their projects, marking a transformative advancement in the field of trench infrastructure.